RNN, LSTM in TensorFlow for NLP in Python

We covered RNN for MNIST data, and it is actually even more suitable for NLP projects. You can find more details on Valentino Zocca, Gianmario Spacagna, Daniel Slater’s book Python Deep Learning.


A Quick Sentiment Analysis Example with Tidy Text Package in R

Find the data here: https://charleshsliao.wordpress.com/2017/03/03/a-sms-spam-test-with-naive-bayes-in-r-with-text-processing/ If we want to, we can explore the sentiment of Ham and Spam messages separately. I chose not to filter like this.

A Classic Model of For-Loop with Jump-out If/Else in R

Write a conditional function that takes a square character matrix and checks if any of the character strings on the diagonal (top left to bottom right) begin with the letter g, lowercase or uppercase. If satisfied, these specific entries should be overwritten with the string "HERE". Otherwise, the entire matrix should be replaced with an identity matrix of the… Continue reading A Classic Model of For-Loop with Jump-out If/Else in R