Basic Data Manipulation in Python (with IPython)

Data and scripts came from OReilly.Python.For.Data.Analysis.Oct.2012.ISBN.1449319793 With a lot of adjustments for Python3 since the book used Python 2.7


IDE or Shell for Python Data Manipulating

I am trying different IDEs and Shells for Python Coding. Sublime Text 3 is great, especially for 200+ lines coding task. Spontaneously I compared sublime text with R studio, and found that if we want to build the interactive environment for data mining, this IDE might have trouble in interpretation of the results immediately. Everytime… Continue reading IDE or Shell for Python Data Manipulating

Build Python IDE with Sublime Text3 on Mac OS X

It is totally a different and refreshing experience to code within Sublime Text, compared with shell, terminal of MAC and even PyCharm. The flexibility of packages enables users to change the code interface and environment as preferences, and some of the packages can even improve the efficiency of programming. Steps: First install Sublime Text3 Install… Continue reading Build Python IDE with Sublime Text3 on Mac OS X