Comparative Visualization of IBM&Google

I want to create an infographic using data provided (related to Google and IBM). To create a comparative visualization, enabling the reader to have an experience with this dataset. When developing an infographic, let the data flush out the concept rather then work up a concept and try to force the chart into an idea… Continue reading Comparative Visualization of IBM&Google


Tips for Presentation

A great web for presentation: At all times: courteous, gracious, & professional When audience members ask questions or give comments, you should be gracious and thank them for their input. Even if someone is being difficult, you must keep to the high ground and at all times be a gentleman or lady and courteously… Continue reading Tips for Presentation

Four truths of the story teller&Four principles for Chart Visualization

Four principles are by no means exhaustive: •Simpler is better. •More is better. •Different is better. •Creativity is better. For truths of the story teller: it must be true to the teller, embodying his or her deepest values and conveying them with candor; true to the audience, delivering on the promise that it will be… Continue reading Four truths of the story teller&Four principles for Chart Visualization