Movie Recommender -Affinity Analysis of Apriori in Python

"Affinity analysis can be applied to many processes that do not use transactions in this sense: Fraud detection Customer segmentation Software optimization Product recommendations. The classic algorithm for affinity analysis is called the Apriori algorithm. " More details can be found in Robert Layton's book here: We explored similar method of "Market Basket" here:… Continue reading Movie Recommender -Affinity Analysis of Apriori in Python


Recommenders in R, Comparing Multiple Algorithms

We know several essential recommenders' methods. If we want to recommend ourselves a book, we can do it 1. Based on our own exp 2. Based on our friends friends exp 3. Based on the catalog of the library 4. Based on the search engine's result We already talked a little about the first method… Continue reading Recommenders in R, Comparing Multiple Algorithms