Apply TensorFlow in Sublime Text 3 in OSX

To apply tensorflow in sublime text 3 might have some issues due to comptability among python 2.7, built system in sublime text 3, and tensorflow itself. Follow the following steps we can still make it happen: 1. Install Python 2.7, not the default one of MAC. We need to install another 2.7 under the path… Continue reading Apply TensorFlow in Sublime Text 3 in OSX


Install Tensorflow Issues for OSX Python3

Tensorflow is an open-source software library for Machine Intelligence. find more about the install steps on I strongly recommend to install tensorflow with pip3 or pip since if anything goes wrong it will be easier to trace with terminal. You can just following the instruction "install through native pip", I want to mention that… Continue reading Install Tensorflow Issues for OSX Python3

IDE or Shell for Python Data Manipulating

I am trying different IDEs and Shells for Python Coding. Sublime Text 3 is great, especially for 200+ lines coding task. Spontaneously I compared sublime text with R studio, and found that if we want to build the interactive environment for data mining, this IDE might have trouble in interpretation of the results immediately. Everytime… Continue reading IDE or Shell for Python Data Manipulating

Build Python IDE with Sublime Text3 on Mac OS X

It is totally a different and refreshing experience to code within Sublime Text, compared with shell, terminal of MAC and even PyCharm. The flexibility of packages enables users to change the code interface and environment as preferences, and some of the packages can even improve the efficiency of programming. Steps: First install Sublime Text3 Install… Continue reading Build Python IDE with Sublime Text3 on Mac OS X