A Business Plan Draft in Tourism Industry-File/Server and Data Lake

1.1 File/Server Architecture We are thinking about Apache Tomcat and Apache HTTP. The Apache HTTP - is a powerful, flexible, HTTP/1.1 compliant web server(now with Apache HTTP 2.4) - implements the latest protocols, including HTTP/1.1 (RFC2616) - is highly configurable and extensible with third-party modules - can be customized by writing 'modules' using the Apache module… Continue reading A Business Plan Draft in Tourism Industry-File/Server and Data Lake


Hadoop Essentials

Really high-level and not-that-accurate summary of Hadoop platform with MadReduce and related tools/patches especially HIVE/PIG, along with the ecosystem of big data and development trend. Some examples for showing practical manipulation are essential but still too hard to build the picture in mind.Great graphs and diagrams for presentation. Especially convenient for some professor to create… Continue reading Hadoop Essentials

Scalable Big Data Architecture

A really high-level summary book with great diagrams and clear information flow. This book’s purpose is to describe a scalable way to build a distributed architecture, without diving into all categories of projects; it highlights the ones likely to be used in a typical Big Data project. Some code example are great but still not thorough… Continue reading Scalable Big Data Architecture