Install Tensorflow Issues for OSX Python3

Tensorflow is an open-source software library for Machine Intelligence.

find more about the install steps on

I strongly recommend to install tensorflow with pip3 or pip since if anything goes wrong it will be easier to trace with terminal.

You can just following the instruction “install through native pip”, I want to mention that after I am done, I still can not import tensorflow into my python, and even if I can, some of the attributes of tensorflow do not work as expected such as tf.constant.

Some issues might result in this situation.
1. A lot of features support only python 2.7. We might have to switch back to python 2.7 in terminal by identifying the path of python 2.7 :


2. Version issue.
Tensorflow might have higher version that need to be updated manually. Use one of the commands in terminal:

$ pip install –upgrade tensorflow # for Python 2.7
$ pip3 install –upgrade tensorflow # for Python 3.n
$ pip install –upgrade tensorflow-gpu # for Python 2.7 and GPU
$ pip3 install –upgrade tensorflow-gpu # for Python 3.n and GPU

3. Do not use sublime text now…

4. If you cannot even install tensorflow with pip, updated pip first.


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